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  • About us

    亚投娱乐Co., Ltd. is founded in 2004, is located in high and new economic development zone,jining city, shandong province , total assets of 75 billion yuan, covers an area of more than 1000 acres, employees 1200 people, is a set design, production, sales in the integration of the company.We are specializing in the production of road machinery for 12 years, strict quality management system, advanced production technology and excellent service make our products popular in the world.We strive to make the product technical standards meet the demand of different countries, and provide professional services for them.Company main products: small roller, concrete finishing machine, floor polishing machine, road cutting machine, vibrating plate rammer, asphalt filling and sewing machine, all kinds of mining equipment, hydraulic tools, electric tools, mining and mining machinery and accessories lifting gear!


    We bring you a wide range of construction machinery series as follow:

    About “Creating Value For Partners”

    HAOHONG regards all the clients,suppliers,corporate shareholders,employees,and all units

    and individuals with their own as partners.Only through hard efforts to create value for

    partners,then it can reflect it’s own value and the development and success.

    About “honesty,Tolerance,Innovation,Service”

    HAOHONG believe honesty is the foundation of all cooperation,tolerance is the

    premise to solve the problem,innovation is the development of

    an important weapon,service is the basic condition of creating value.